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Happy New Year Haiku And Drawing (Javier Hernandez-Miyares)

Last year’s hammer pounds the anvil of a new year Forging tomorrow Psycho Haiku By javier hernandez-miyares [tags]Javier Hernandez-Miyares, Psycho Haiku, Drawing, New Years Day, Anvil[/tags]

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How Does It Feel Lyrics By Steven Pacia For Sineparade

These are the lyrics for a new Sineparade song written by S.P: How does it feel? [tags]Sineparade,Javier Hernandez-Miyares, Art Rock[/tags]

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BBC Interview With Jimmy Page [tags]Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin, Reunion, Where The Pieces Fall, Interview, BBC[/tags]

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The Day The Music Was Murdered 27 Years Ago (John Lennon)

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JHM Shot By Diana Vargas Trent…

…while i was taking this picture of the Empire State Building [tags]Diana Vargas Trent, Javier Hernandez-Miyares, Co-Conspirators[/tags]

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Minor Heroes Sineparade Documentary Trailer By Paul Sheehan This is a trailer for a documentary in production. Minor Heroes is performed by: Steven Pacia (lead vocals); Roberto Poveda (acoustic guitar and backing vocals); Javier Hernandez-Miyares (electric guitar); Alina Brouwer (Piano); Alex Garcia (drums and percussion); Kai Erik … Continue reading

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The Dead Pool (Diana Vargas Trent By JHM)

My Co-conspirator at Bose Pacia Gallery Click on the link below to view more dead pictures taken around the world. The Dead Pool [tags]Dead Pool, Diana Vargas Trent, Javier Hernandez-Miyares, Bose Pacia, Co-conspirators[/tags]

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