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The Great Supper Fee Fi Fo Fum Live Sharpshooter movie download Brothers Grimm, The movie download

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Lay Your Hands On Me (Peter Gabriel) Interactive Rock And Roll Theatre To It’s Highest Exponent. [tags]Peter Gabriel, Lay Your Hands On Me, Video, Art Rock[/tags]

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IMAGINED BY JHM [tags]Eve, Garden, Apple, Paradise, Mortality, Love, Nude, Photo Shop, Abstraction, Female, Humanity[/tags]

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Design by Joanna Hartell and Re-imaged by JHM

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Birthday Song By Peter Gabriel Is Humdrum

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Birthday Suit In The Humdrum

Image By JHM Out Of Woman Comes The Man Spends The Rest Of His Life Getting Back Again (Peter Gabriel From The Humdrum) [tags]Birthday, Suit, Nude, Out, Of, Woman[/tags]

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Hugo Consuegra In The New York City Subway

At the end of the 4 line Utica Station Crown Heights (Photo By JHM) Hugo Consuegra was a founding member of the avant-garde movement in Cuba known as Los Once. Follow This Link to an image of one of the … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace Philip Agee (1935-2008)

Philip Agee was the first CIA agent to turn against the company, and reveal to the world the machinations of the american empire. I had the privilege to meet him and to correspond with him. Send your condolences to … Continue reading

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Por Primera Vez 1967 (For The First Time) Cuban Documentary About The Seventh Art For those of you that are in love with cinema: This short film documents a visit by the Cine Movil (Mobile Theatre) of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) in 1967 to a remote village near Baracoa in eastern Cuba, … Continue reading

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Video Of The Vintage Train New York City Subway This is the vintage train which ran on Sundays during the month of December on the V line. i shot this video at the Queens Plaza station. Click here for more info regarding the Nostalgia Train. [Tags]Vintage Train, Javier … Continue reading

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