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La Muerte De Un Angel (Leo Brouwer Live) El maestro Leo Brouwer tocando La Muerte De Un Angel [tags]Leo Brouwer, Muerte De Un Angel, Video, Classical Guitar, Cuba, Music, Where The Pieces Fall[/tags]

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Hoyo Colorao's Video "Johnny La Mula" (Reggaeton Music Video From Cuba) William Perez Zambrano is the magician behind Hoyo Colorao’s music and video. Please visit their website posted on our Blogroll for more information. [tags]Where The Pieces Fall, Hoyo Colorao, Cuban Music, Reggaeton, Johnny La Mula, Video, Animation[/tags]

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The Smashing Pumpkins "Tonight, Tonight" Video Based On "A Trip To The Moon" By Georges Melies A Trip To The Moon By Georges Melies (1902) [tags]Smashing Pumpkins, Georges Melies, Tonight Tonight, A Trip To The Moon, Video, Le Voyage Dans La Lune[/tags]

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In The Grasp (Cyber Haiku Mural By Javier Hernandez-Miyares)

In The Grasp Of Love I Lost Myself For Awhile Then The Knot Came Loose [tags]Psycho Haiku, Javier Hernandez-Miyares, Cyber Mural[/tags]

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Just Like Heaven (The Cure) My Heaven [tags]The Cure, Just Like Heaven, Video[/tags]

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Jim Dine At The Bowery Poetry Club 4/2/2008 (Tribute To Robert Creeley)

Photo By JHM Jim At The Bowery Poetry Club Preparing To Recite His Tribute To Robert Creeley Listen to Jims’ recitation “I KNEW ABOUT CREELEY” edited into 6 parts: jim-dine-1.mp3 jim-dine-2.mp3 jim-dine-3.mp3 jim-dine-4.mp3 jim-dine-5.mp3 jim-dine-6.mp3

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Bob Holman Live A The Bowery Poetry Club (4/2/08)

Photo By JHM Bob Holman performing “At 14 I Could Paint Like Da Vinci”, at the Bowery Poetry Club. Click, Listen and Enjoy: bob-holman-at-14-i-could-paint.mp3 [tags]Bob Holman, Bowery Poetry Club, At 14 i Could Paint Like Da Vinci, Poetry, Recital, Javier … Continue reading

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Judy Kills Punch (Hamas Video) The story is always the same and only the parts get changed. [tags]Hamas, Punch And Judy, Puppets, George Bush, Slain[/tags]

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