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Que Envien Los Payasos (Armando Valldares Nel Suo Circo) Armando Valladares y la marea de buffones. [tags]Armando Valladares, Payaso, Buffone, Video, CDR Roma, Contestazione, Picaro, Batistiano, Hijo De La Gran Potencia, Terrorista, Vende Patria, Embajador[/tags]

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Dialectical (Co-Conspirators)

Death Is Essential It is neither good nor bad Dialectical Psycho Haiku By JHM

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We Nominate Alex Itin For A MacArthur Genius Grant

Street Fair By Alex Itin Alex Itin Can you prove that a picture is worth a thousand words? is that a theorem? Alex explores the dimensions of semiotics with his frame by frame journal of images and imaginings. He sees … Continue reading

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Painting by Matilda Hernandez-Miyares

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find (Assumption Of The Balloonatic / Pyscho Haiku) Balloons Are Aloft While Our Bloodhounds Search The Sky For The Assumption Psycho Haiku By JHM

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