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Retrato De JHM Por Arturo Cuenca

Caja Iluminada Titulada Palimpsest Por Arturo Cuenca Video In 2 Parts about artists (in order as appear): Humberto Castro, Arturo Cuenca and Ruben Torres Llorca, made in Havana by Director Marcus Moura (Brazil). Prod. (EICTV). Cuba.

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George Carlin Explains Why He Doesn't Vote The Tiger’s Tail move

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Morton's Fork (Election Dilemma Psycho Haiku's By JHM)

Morton’s Fork AKA Fork You In November BY JHM A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothes, With Morton’s Forked Lingua, Stalks Our November. A Democrat Is: Republican In Cheap Suit; Second Hand Sheep Shit. Ninety Nine Cents Store, Is Where Your Vote … Continue reading

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Morococo (Music For Alex Itin's TK3 Book)

Bloomsphone By Alex Itin Bob Stein and Alex Itin are biblionauts. Bob is the founder and co-director of The Institute For the Future of the Book, and Alex is one of his most fertile collaborators. Bob founded ‘Night Kitchen’ for … Continue reading

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George Carlin And The Seven Words You Can't Say On Television (Plus 3 More) This routine titled “Filthy Words”, was broadcast on WBAI in 1973, and a complaint to the FCC provoked a court battle which was ultimately adjudicated by the Supreme Court [tags]George Carlin, Filthy Words, Seven, Comedy, Stand Up, Where The … Continue reading

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Love Reign Over Me For Pepper (The Who Live)

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Cuba To Begin Castrating Males (Warning: This Is Troll Art)

Photo By Alogou 1775 Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes on dvd Last week Castro decided to castrate those that are not man enough to raise the hammer between the sickle. Hold Your Sack While You Read … Continue reading

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Bob Holman (Stick It With Your Eyes) Wearing Bob’s Google Goggles (Photo By Diana Vargas Trent) [tags]Bob Holman, Where The Pieces Fall, Co-Conspirators, Diana Vargas Trent, Javier Hernandez-Miyares, Frost Street Performance And Art Space, Sineparade[/tags]

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Frost Street Performance And Art Space

Diana Vargas Trent Wearing Bob Holman’s Glasses Bob Holman’s Glasses Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Goggles Poetry Hardware psycho haiku by jhm for diana and bob

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Playing The Building (David Byrne) Wannabe Playa’s Click Here [tags]David Byrne, Playing The Building, Where The Pieces Fall, Talking Heads, Sound Installation, Wannabe Playa’s[/tags]

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