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The Anti-Retina Of Duchamp [tags]Marcel Duchamp, Documentary, Where The Pieces Fall, Anti-Retina[/tags]

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Dayron Robles Gold Medal For Cuba In Hurdles (Beijing Surf Rock)

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The Portsmouth Sinphonia (This Was Their Hit Single) Read about the Portsmouth Sinfonia. [tags]Portsmouth Sinfonia, Brian Eno, Naif, Music, Night Kitchen Symphonia, Naive, Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy, Where The Pieces Fall[/tags]

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The Soviet Union Wins 170 Medals In Beijing (43 Gold Medals)

download Sharpshooter Medal Counter Read Here about corruption at the olympics [tags]Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Olympic Medals, Soviet Union, Beijing, 2008, Gold, Medals, Total, Troll Art, Corruption[/tags] download Brothers Grimm, The

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McCain Doesn't Know How Many Houses He Owns (Pyscho Haiku)

McCain Dreams Of A New House Do You Count Houses Like We Plebeians Count Sheep; Then Dream Of White House? Haiku By Javier Hernandez-Miyares

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Where The Pieces Fall Will Be Back Soon

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Javier Hernandez-Miyares Playing The Building (Installation by David Byrne) playing the building improvisation in 51 seconds (video by diana vargas trent) [tags]David Byrne, Playing The Building, Battery, Maritime, Manhattan, Javier Hernandez Miyares, Diana Vargas Trent, Co-Conspirators, Installation, Where The Pieces Fall[/tags] Felon movies

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Rest In Peace Maestro Isaac Hayes


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Class Warfare Psycho Haiku (Javier Hernandez-Miyares)

image from daily dose flickr and colorised by jhm. The Rich Man Reaches In His Pockets Full Of Gold; Poor Man For His Balls. haiku by jhm

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John Cale Now

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