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Where The Pieces Fell

Photo By JHM

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On The Anvil Of A New Year (Psycho Haiku By Javier Hernandez-Miyares)

Drawing By JHM Last Year’s Hammer Pounds The Anvil Of A New Year. Forging Tomorrow.

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More Alex (Happy Hanukkah)

happychannukah from Alex Itin on Vimeo. Video By Alex And Music By JHM

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Alex Itin Frost Bites Opens January 30th (17 Frost Street Williamsburg Brooklyn)

photo by jhm [tags]Alex Itin, 17 Frost Space, Where The Pieces Fall, Javier Hernandez-Miyares[/tags]

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Killing An Arab (Psycho Haiku) In Gaza They Die There Are No Tears In My Eye I Am Complicit haiku by jhm The Bombing of Gaza By Dr. EYAD AL SERRAJ The bombing went on for about 10 minutes. It was like an earthquake … Continue reading

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More Alex Itin With Alex Garcia On Drums…

AlexelA from Alex Itin on Vimeo. [tags]Alex Itin, 17 Frost Street Space, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Sineparade, Alex Garcia, Where The Pieces Fall[/tags]

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Opening In Late January At 17 Frost Space Williamsburg Brooklyn

Alex Itin Frost Bytes Is Coming Soon Alex Itin Preparing 17 Frost Street Space For Exhibit (Music By Roger Powell) [tags]Alex Itin, 17 Frost Space, Where The Pieces Fall, Roger Powell, Video, Javier Hernandez-Miyares[/tags]

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Memento Mori (Alex Itin Preparing For 17 Frost Space Show)

Watch Alex make things for his upcoming show at 17 Frost Space: Frost Bite: Day One Frost Bite: Day Two The show will open in January and run through February. [tags]Alex Itin, 17 Frost Space, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Memento Mori, Where … Continue reading

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Stop Sobbing About Free Downloads (Louie Louie)

Jack Ely of The Kingsmen explains why recorded music should be free. Don’t play the video until you click on: A Message To The Music Industry From The Lead Singer Of The Kingsmen [tags]The Kingsmen, Free Downloads, Counterpunch, Where … Continue reading

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Fee Fee Fi Fo Fum Performing "Stay With You" In Los Angeles 1989 (John Easter Mills On Drums) John Millspaugh (aka: John Easter Mills) is a great rock drummer who propels the rhythm, while accentuating the song’s melodic narrative. With his sticks he cuts the rug, like Charlie Watts and Ringo Starr. [tags]John Easter Mills, Fee Fi … Continue reading

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