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The Who, What, And Where (T. Scot Halpin)

“Can anybody out there play drums?” Ranked eighth in “The Most Shocking Rock and Roll Moments” (an exploitation VH1 product), is the episode at the Cow Palace, when “The Who” drummer Keith Moon passed out, and was replaced by 19 year old … Continue reading

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Trio Matamoros En Vivo

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Office Supplies Art By The Co-Conspirators (Diana Vargas Trent / Javier Hernandez-Miyares)

The Co-Conspirators are Diana Vargas Trent and Javier Hernandez-Miyares falling in love is defying gravity, while falling further into the abyss.

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The Real American Artist – Part One And Two (Charles Bukowski With A Welding Torch)

Extreme Art By Alberto Hernandez-Miyares (Produced and Edited By P J Letofsky) Real American Artist Website

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Designing Humanity: For Beginners (Buckminster Fuller)

Boris Artzybasheff Portrait Of R. Buckminster Fuller Bucky describes the extraordinary sorting ability of the human mind.

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