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A Where The Pieces Fall Haiku (Diabolical Agenda) With The Participation Of CheeseFlap

Drawing By JHM The Diabolical Agenda Medicare Vouchers: Let’s Short Sell God For Profits; Everybody Dies. haiku by jhm True patriots die, (Saved from Communist death grip) Without insurance haiku by CheeseFlap

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War Is Done (Music Video By The Habit)

The Habit shot their video at 17 Frost in February. Support independent music and buy their new cd “Linclon Has Won” here.

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It Was A Pleasure (Where The Pieces Fall Orchestral)

Drawing By JHM Where The Pieces Fall (Orchestral) by Sinlab Composed By JHM And Arranged By Ariel de la Portilla It Was A Pleasure Something Only God Can Sort Where The Pieces Fall Haiku By JHM

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Los Tambores De Calanda (The Drums Of Calanda) Luis Bunuel, Javier Hernandez-Miyares And 1000 Drummers

The drums of Calanda beat almost without pause from noon on good Friday until noon on Saturday, in recognition of the shadows that covered the earth at the moment Christ died, as well as the earthquakes, the falling rocks, and … Continue reading

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