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Goodbye To This:
Digital Painting By Javier Hernandez-Miyares

It is indeed a Mad World:

Mad World from dou_ble_you on Vimeo.

Poem for Jim Dine on his 80th Birthday:

dear jim,
the quilt
the latent
apparently a carriage emulsion
to the altar recognized emotion
a predicament
a special dose of predicament
leave {S}

one day while i was walking down the sacra vigia
the satyr bank scratcher Horace
self-attired stages of remembering
a lack of forgetting the darkness of memory
the poets alter-ego is a grungy nun compression
there was just a maybe of ambition rankings, politics and mommas

poets persona doesn’t tilt us of personas
from the panoramic from where it’s been heard
satire flows naturally from conservatives it’s possible that people were upset
it seems to be popular will he be a disciple like those apes that can count
nothing beyond staggering you humor need sharp wit clarity and expression and expression

happy 80th Jim Dine from Jav

A theme for HAteCave:

Asemic Singing:

Mount Everest In Words from dou_ble_you on Vimeo.

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