17 Frost Theater Of The Arts (Williamsburg Brooklyn)

Aakash Nihalani Opening (17 Frost Street)

Originally founded in Williamsburg Brooklyn by Steven Pacia and Javier Hernandez-Miyares, in 2006, 17 Frost has hosted many art gallery exhibitions, live musical performances, and multi-media presentations.

GreenPoint Gazette Neighborhood Profile: 17 Frost Space

The following is a partial list of artists that have presented at 17 Frost:
Aakash Nihalani, Sineparade, Alex Itin, Phonometricians On Cosmic Fire,
Alejandro Lopez Marrero, Poster Boy, Ellis G, Elizabeth Devlin, The Royal Wylds, The Habit, Bob Holman, Afromantra, Roberto Poveda, Public Ad Campaign, Paul Cesarczyk, Ricardo de Oliveira, David Scarborough, Isabel Alfonso, Carly Howard, Garrison York, Sparrowtree Theater Company, Cahil Muraghu (CA$H4U), Erik Burke, Jason Mamarella (KRSHNA), Das Racist, Diana Vargas Trent,The Files And The Fires, Ann Driscoll, Joel M. Reed, Lucas Mcgowen, City On Fire, Moon Hooch, Royce Bannon, Chris RWK, Celso, Darkclouds, Matt Siren, Abe Lincoln Jr., Nose Go, Sno Monster, Moody, Infinity, The Indicators, The Dependable Felons, That Annoying Couple, Pez Hedz, Victor Varela, Barbara Maria Barrientos, Deborah Adams, Elizabeth Ennis, Joanna Hartell, Margaret Heffernan, Jeanelle Marie, Hillary Moore, David Moreira, Patricia Sprott, Lili White, Jim Kiernan, Cassius Fouler, Fumeroism, Alberto Miyares, Antonio Mendoza, Mr.Tamale, Zebadiah Keneally, Juan Si Gonzalez, Frank Guiller, Luna Park, Jaime Rojo, Clive Chin, Ricardo Bacallao, The Music Nerd Club, Rafael Lopez Ramos, The Dissident Arts Orchestra, Radio Noir, Noah Kalina, Jillian Salik, The Shelby Company, Benjamin Miller and The Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra, The Sharp Things, Vito Badamo, The Outdoor Gallery Exhibition, Dain, Sofia Maldonado, Cern, Gaia, OCMC, Chris Stain, Cope2, Alice Mizrachi, Claire McConaughy, Sarah Bedford, Julie Kirkpatrick, Michael Shannon and Corporal…and many more
Contact Information:
Creative Director: Javier Hernandez-Miyares / mbumba@aol.com

Zipperhead Performance May 5th
Sineparade Performing Zipperhead at 17 Frost 05-5-2010
View Photo Stream Of Zipperhead Here
Zipperhead Review / Greenpoint Gazette

Events At 17 Frost Since Its Opening:


06-13 / Sineparade Listening Party
with Bob Holman, Afromantra, and Sineparade.
Diana Vargas Trent Wearing Bob Holman's Glasses
Bob Holmans Glasses Modeled Outside 17 Frost

10 09 / Aakash Nihalani (Opening)
Aakash Nihalani Floor Mural (17 Frost Space)

11 04 / Aakash Nihalani (Extended)
with The Phonometricians, and Sineparade.
Aakash Nihalani (Opening Part Two)

11-23 / Aakash Nihalani In Conversation
with The Phonometricians.
17 Frost And Bose Pacia Present Aakash Nihalani: In Conversation

Phonometricians Live at 17 Frost (11-23)


01-30 / Alex Itin (Frost Bites Opening)
with The Phonometricians On Cosmic Fire, Sineparade, and The Royal Wylds.
Frost Bites Opening (Itin)

Somewhere Under The Table from Alex Itin on Vimeo.

Wyld Bites from Alex Itin on Vimeo.

Video Doc of Frost Bites opening featuring The Royal Wylds and The Phonometricians

Islam Fashions: Phonomotricians On Cosmic Fire Bite It In Frost from Alex Itin on Vimeo.

Phonometricians and Alex Itin Opening Performance and Sundries

02-22 / Alex Itin Screening, Art, and Talk

3-13 / Alex Itin (Last Bite)
with Sineparade, Afromantra, and the Royal Wylds.

Afromantra Live (03-13)

Alex Itin Frost Bite On The Web

04-30 / The New York Neo-Cons (Aakash Nihalani, Ellis Gallagher, and Poster Boy)
Print (Aakash Nihalani, Ellis Gallagher, And Poster Boy)
Aakash Nihalani And Poster Boy Tearing It At 17 Frost Street Space For Next Exhibit

Suspended Opening At 17 Frost

More Videos Of The Opening Here
Flickr Photo Set Of The Opening Here


Hub (Alex Itin and The Phonometricians On Cosmic Fire)
Screening and reading.
Performances by Paul Cesarczyk, and David Scarborough.
Hubvite (Invite By Alex itin)


05-14 / Ricardo de Oliviera Suspended
17 Frost Street (Suspended Exhibit)
Suspended Opening At 17 Frost
Suspended Flickr Set


10-03 / Alejandro Lopez100% Hand Made
With Sineparade, Afromantra, and Isabel Alfonso. Featuring
A performance of “Bacalao Sin Pan” by Alejandro Lopez, with
Alex Garcia and Javier Hernandez-Miyares.
Alejandro Lopez  Exhibit Will Open At 17 Frost On October 3rd
100% Hand Made - 17 Frost StreetBacalao Sin Pan (Alejandro Lopez)

10-09 / Public Ad Campaign (Jordan Seiler)
No Image Allowed
It’s all here

10-23 / 100% Handmade Closing Party and artist talk with music by The Phonometricians (Javier Hernandez-Miyares / Tommy Shaw), and The Habit.

The Habit Live 10-23
100% Handmade Flickr Set


04-10 to 05-08 / Zipperhead By Sineparade
in this New York Story told through word, music and film.
a multimedia event.
Written by Steven Pacia
Music by Sineparade
Produced by 17 Frost Inc.

Video Of Closer Now By Alex Itin (Sineparade)

Zipperhead Live Bootleg Recording

Review Of Zipperhead In the Greenpoint Gazette

Zipperhead Cast:
Steven Pacia – Vocals, Keyboards
Javier Hernandez-Miyares – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
J. Armen – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ariel de la Portilla – Bass, Piano
Alex Garcia – Drums
Alex Itin – Narration

Special Thanks To:
David Scarborough – Audio and Video
Manuel de la Portilla – Video Direction
Theresa Scott – Technical Engineer
Natalie Scarborough – Hostess

View The Zipperhead Photostream Here.

Poster Boy “The War Of Art” Book Launch Party
Poster Boy Book Party will be at 17 Frost Theatre Of The Arts in Williamsburg on August 28th
See More Here

09-16 To 09-26
Hansel And Gretel

Read the Greenpoint Gazette review by Michael Cesarczyk here

More Media Here
This Land Is My Land Exhibition By Cahil Muraghu And Erik Burke
This Land Is My Land (Exhibition at 17 Frost)
17 Frost (This Land Is My Land / Erik Burke-Cahil Muraghi)

Brooklyn Street Art Blog Blurb
Impact Ayiti Benefit with The Habit.

Impact Ayiti (17 Frost)

View The Photostream Here.
11-04 To 12-01 / AAkash Nihalani Overlap
AAkash Nihalani Overlap

A clip of Das Racist performing for Overlap opening
Aakash Nihalani and Himanshu Suri
Aakash Nihalani and Himanshu Suri
12-04 / Jason Mamarella (KRSNA) Exhibit With Photos By Diana Vargas Trent, and The Phonometricians On Cosmic Fire
Opening is December 4th
12-11 / The Files And The Fires With Special Guests


1-22 / Joel M. Reed Presents “Blood Sucking Freaks”

1-27 / Lucas Mcgowen – Frisson

Lucas Mcgowan (frission)
1-28 / Screening of Zipperhead Performance Video (Sineparade)
Zipperhead performance by Sineparade and Alex Itin
Jim Dine and Javier Hernandez-Miyares
2-03 Through 2-13 / Of Honey Bees And The Brevity Of Such Things

Of Honey Bees And The Brevity Of Such Things
See More Here.

More On Brooklyn Art Project
2-26 / Royce Bannon Presents The Unusual Suspects
Royce Bannon Curated Group Show Coming To 17 Frost

3-27 / Victor Varela (La Cuarta Pared)
La Cuarta Pared / The Fourth Wall (Victor Varela)

La Cuarta Pared / The Fourth Wall (Victor Varela and Barbara Maria Barrientos at 17 Frost)

5-7 / Off The Grid (Group Exhibition)
Off The Grid Invite (17 Frost)

Off The Grid Exhibition


6-9,10,11,16,17,18 / Metropolis Presented By Sparrow Tree Theater Company

Metropolis Live At 17 Frost (Sparrow Tree Theater Company)

Videos and info at Sparrow Tree Website.


6-17 / Jim Kiernan Exhibition

Jim Kiernan Sick (Exhibition At 17 Frost)

View Jim Kiernan Photostream Here.


7-22 / Cassius Fouler (Outer Borough)

"Outer Borough" Exhibition at 17 Frost

Link To Luna Park Article Here.

Outer Borough Exhibition At 17 Frost (Cassius Fouler)


8-13 / In Your Face (Fumeroism)

Fumeroism Exhibit At 17 Frost

In Your Face According to G

In Your Face Photostream Here

In Your Face Exhibition Opening Blog Here.

9-24 / Odd Rhetoric Ode Part Two (Installation by Alejandro Lopez)

Odd Rhetoric Ode Exhibition (17 Frost)

Odd Rhetoric Ode Flickr Stream


10-5 / The Broke Land Show (Los Angeles Artists Group Show)
The Broke Land Show (17 Frost)

The Broke Land On Flickr

Clive Chin WIll Be At 17 Frost On June 16th
Rafael Lopez Ramos At 17 Frost

jason Mamarella 17 Frost Opening Invitation
Jason Mamarella Interviewed

Portraits Realities In Transit Exhibition
Frank Guiller and Juan C 17 Frost Portrait

The Brooklyn Opening Pic

Zebadiah Keneally Exhibition Invite

Lucas McGowen

Jon Burgerman Exhibition at 17 Frost
Jillian Salik "Duel Tint" Exhibition at 17 Frost

Noah Kalina Flowers Exhibtion
Noah Kalina: Flowers

The Sharp Things Live at 17 Frost on September 21st:
The Sharp Things


Alex Itin invite for Cage and Uncaged
Cages and Cogs

The Outdoor Gallery

Spinning Fiction

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