Javier Hernandez-Miyares

Where The Pieces Fall is a blog written by javier hernandez-miyares. all drawings, music and commentary is created by mr. hernandez-miyares unless otherwise attributed.

As a musician Javier has worked with: Occult Science (1979-1981); Fee Fi Fo Fum (1984-1990); Orbscure (1994-2001); Sineparade (2001-Present); The Phonometricians On Cosmic Fire (2008-Present); Radio Noir (2010-Present)

A collaboration With Jim Dine, Javier Hernandez-Miyares and Alex Itin:

Performing With Mr.Tamale:

An Eclectic Mash Of Music Here:

Click Here To Listen To A Collection Of Javier’s Music On CC Library.

Javier is the creative director of 17 Frost Street Space in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

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