Zipperhead (Alex Itin, Steven Pacia, Javier Hernandez-Miyares and Sineparade)

Zipperhead Poster (Alex Itin)
Poster designed by Alex Itin

We are pleased to announce the opening of Zipperhead, a Multimedia Event at the 17 Frost Art and Performance Space. The show features progressive rock band Sineparade and video artist Alex Itin. Zipperhead is a contemporary New York story told through live music, narration and video/animation in a small theater with three massive projections and state of the art sound system.

In the words of Michael Cesarczyk, writer for the Greenpoint Gazzette, “Zipperhead is a spellbinding musical and visual exploration of post-9/11 America by progressive rockers Sineparade and artist Alex Itin. Wonderfully provocative and original.”

Shows begin on Saturday, April 10th and play every Saturday evening at 8PM until May 15th. Tickets are $20 and include beverages.

Review Of Zipperhead in the Greenpoint Gazette.
Article about Alex Itin in the Greenpoint Gazette.
Cast of Zipperhead:
Alex Itin: Narrator
Steven Pacia: Voice and Keys
Javier Hernandez Miyares: Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals
Ariel de la Portilla: Bass and Piano
J. Armen: Guitar, Bass, and Backing Vocals
Alex Garcia: Drums

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