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Silence (Donald Johnson and Javier Hernandez-Miyares) Fee Fi Fo Fum Unplugged With Haiku By CheeseFlap

Fee Fo Fo Fum Unplugged In 1990 At Melrose Bakery East Hollywood 1990 Distant dragonfly Seven breathless syllables Empty waterfalls Haiku For Silence By CheeseFlap

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Odd Rhetoric Ode Part Two (Alejandro Lopez Installation At 17 Frost)

Exhibition curated by Javier Hernandez-Miyares This is my walk through video

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Mayhem (Mr. Tamale)

Click On The Link And Improvise: Mayhem Mr. Tamale is Antonio Mendoza and Alberto Hernandez-Miyares Mayhem Live In New Orleans

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Happy New Year Haiku (Javier Hernandez-Miyares)

drawing by jhm Last year’s hammer pounds the anvil of a new year Forging tomorrow Psycho Haiku By javier hernandez-miyares

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Merry Christmas Twofer (Fee Fi Fo Fum Archive)

Live Performance of the “Christmas Song” by Fee Fi Fo Fum, on public access cable show “CitiRock”, in December 1986. The source of this clip is an old analog video; We apologize for the skips. Donald Johnson: Piano and vocals … Continue reading

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Poster Boy Book Launching Post Mortem (17 Frost 8-28)

We present the event in images… Some of the artists left a mark These two are “Artlaws” Some of you in New York have seen their work, but i can’t tell you their names. Keith Haskel and Havana On The … Continue reading

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Poster Boy – The War Of Art – Book Party (17 Frost Theatre Of The Arts / August 28th)

As the creative director of 17 Frost Theater of the Performing Arts in Williamsburg Brooklyn, I enthusiastically announce our participation in the International Poster Boy Book Celebration. We will be one of four venues that will be presenting “The War … Continue reading

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The Pharos Lighthouse And The Nautical Song (Javier Hernandez-Miyares And Salvador Dali)

Illustration Of The Pharos Lighthouse By Salvador Dali

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Designed By Borges (Alex Itin And Javier Hernandez-Miyares)

I awoke from a sleep; Mad men and fools, And other long lost pals. Zoetrope like pictures: Beethoven, Bach, Brian Wilson, Like a choir of dumb angels, And Javier called me. Designed by Borges Why don’t you come down to … Continue reading

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Deep Water Horizon (Haiku By JHM)

A deep horizon: Barrels of lovers spilling, From the tombs of time. In spite of some popular misconceptions, oil doesn’t come from dead dinosaurs. In fact, most scientists agree that oil comes from creatures the size of a pinhead. These … Continue reading

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