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Back at Youse

i am the junkyard poet: my poetry is made from discarded words. words with a patina, words that have dents, rusty words, words that have barnacles. words that are ciphers: nose gay; bonnet ornament; fishwife; furbish; grimalkin; mooncalf; numbles; pismire; … Continue reading

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Everything Collaboration with Andrew Stys 2013

Lay With Me Who’s Listening Zu Song The bubble Utopia Parkway Chorale Nautical Song One Day Falling Cornellaraga

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Poster Boy went to Cuba and all i got was this….

Mural in La Habana by Poster Boy Co-Conspiring Put it up if not your hands up For Rene Mederos Poster Boy does Goya and Warhol in Cuba Special thanks to Dunieski Garcia for the content JHM and PB at 17 … Continue reading

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17 Frost News and Content Buzz (July, August and a bit of June)

Collaboration with Alex Itin, Donald Johnson and Javier Hernandez-Miyares _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 Videos of “Good For You” Comedy Performance at 17 Frost _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Ghost Enclosure Installation Julia Sinelnikova ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Music Video Collaboration: Javier Hernandez-Miyares with Andrew Stys ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Donald Johnson Live … Continue reading

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Roberto Poveda and Javier Hernandez-Miyares (The Lost Frost Recordings)

Photo by Javier Hernandez-Miyares Roberto Poveda will be performing at 17 Frost Theater of the Arts on June 8th 9PM with Donald Johnson as opening act. Doors open at 8PM. Roberto will be premiering a new music video for his … Continue reading

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The Art Of Dunieski Garcia (Illustrations for “Supersedure”, a Collection of Haikus by Javier Hernandez-Miyares)

My voice is choking from too many grasshoppers. I wish i could sing. Who killed the poet? Only Lorca knows the truth: The sound of crickets. Dante observed bugs; In Empyrean, angels swarm heaven like bees. Voices of crickets describe … Continue reading

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We Are Back For 2013

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Rescue Me (Sineparade Rarities)

These are tunes that did not make it to the finish line: All Songs Written By Steven Pacia, Javier Hernandez-Miyares And Sineparade

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CheeseFlap Haiku For JHM Music (The Hummingbird)

Drawing For JHM By Omar Pascual Hummingbird whispers Spring aria imagines; Dream-river rapids Haiku By CheeseFlap

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Americana By Fee Fi Fo Fum (Data Pool)

Album Cover Art By Keith Greco these songs were written and performed 24 years and they were a warning about the dark side of America…a protest against the ugly american who was taking off his white hood and bleating his … Continue reading

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