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Back at Youse

i am the junkyard poet: my poetry is made from discarded words. words with a patina, words that have dents, rusty words, words that have barnacles. words that are ciphers: nose gay; bonnet ornament; fishwife; furbish; grimalkin; mooncalf; numbles; pismire; … Continue reading

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Poster Boy went to Cuba and all i got was this….

Mural in La Habana by Poster Boy Co-Conspiring Put it up if not your hands up For Rene Mederos Poster Boy does Goya and Warhol in Cuba Special thanks to Dunieski Garcia for the content JHM and PB at 17 … Continue reading

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We Are Back For 2013

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Y Nada Mas (Silvio Rodriguez)

Pic By Diana Vargas Trent

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Forms, Waking To A Body Felt…

Drawings By Javier Hernandez-Miyares Back From The Briar Patch Of Hacker’s Delirium

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Belated Happy New Year From Where The Pieces Fall

On The Anvil Of A New Year Drawing By JHM

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The Paper Tiger (Unsettling Economics By Michael Perelman)

In a 1956 interview with Anna Louise Strong, Mao described American imperialism as a paper tiger. Of course, the military strength of the United States is unparalleled, especially because this country accounts for about half of worldwide military spending. Even … Continue reading

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Nothing To See Here (I Recommend That You Listen)

A Symphony Of Tree Frogs More About Frogs Songs Here

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Some Bach To Cleanse The Soul…


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WTPF Supports Occupy Wall Street

We support the youth vanguard that has ignited a movement for justice and liberty in the USA.

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